Education is a treasure – this is what the project is about. The vision is to improve education and more for a better future of the local community.

We built and run a kindergarten and school in Mchang’a, a very rural area in the south east of Kenya. Before it was built, education facilities were too far away for many children – resulting in an endless circle of no education and little ways out of poverty. 

We started in 2009 on an open field and today, the kindergarten and the primary school provides education for approximately 200 children in the area. This provides them an opportunity to shape their life in another way.

The goal is helping people to help themselves. We closely work with the local community to support where it is needed but help them in the long run. For example, since water is always scarce, we set up rain gutters on school roofs and installed 10,000 liter tanks that now, a total of 70 000 liters capacity for water that can be used as drinking water.

In times of greatest need, we also support short term measures, e.g. funding a local food program during periods of drought and hunger for the poorest and sick and providing food for our kindergarten and school kids.

We aim to develop the project further – in a sustainable way to support the community to improve their living – depending on needs and availability of funds.

Our organization consists of local supporters, the family Kaib / Hartmann supported by many private donators and the Lions Club Bayreuth-Thiergarten.